• The 2014 le Tour de Femme is set for October 11, 2014!
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Grab My Wheel Cycling Kits

The Grab My Wheel kits are available to all members of Grab My Wheel. Since any one is welcome to join Grab My Wheel, that pretty much makes the kits available to everyone. For more information about the kit, and how to get one of your own, read below.

Kit Information

Jersey Information

The Grab My Wheel kit is made for us by Nalini. Nalini is an Italian company that provides kits to many of the teams you see in the Tour de France yearly. The jersey are a lite weight material made for the summers. For sizing information, you can click here to go to our importer's web site. Sizes are limited, so please contact us and let us know the size you need to make sure we have one in stock.

Bib Information

The team bibs are the Milano collection from Nalini. These bibs contain a true chamois and not the cotton pad you may be used to. Sizing information, as well as more information about the custom ordering process from Red Rose Imports can be found by clicking here.

Jersey Cost:$60.00
Bib Cost:$70.00

Where does the money go?

There really isn't any money made from the sale of the team kit. We sell the kit for the cost (plus shipping) that we pay from the manufacturer. We are more interested in growing the Grab My Wheel family and spreading the groups mission of raising awareness.